Monday, May 19, 2008

Chop Shop now playing at the Charles

I saw Chop Shop during the Maryland Film Festival and was very impressed by it. The film is a tough, unsenitmental look at two young people scrapping and hustling, trying to survive in the midst of an industrial hell. Shades of the best work of Di Sicca and Kiarostami are present but not overt. The film is playing now at the Charles, and I would say to check it out if you have the time and opportunity.

In the past, I would have assumed that Chop Shop is closing this Thursday, but it may continue on for a week or two, considering the local screening situation.

Apologies for my recent silence. I owe two months of "films viewed" and "film distribution in general" (I will combine them, I think) and a report from the always glorious Maryland film festival. I will make amends soon.